• 24 febbraio 2017 – Lendinara (presso Università Popolare): Novità in ortopedia
  • 20 aprile 2017 – Sala Goldoni di Chioggia: Lo sport fa bene?
  • 21 aprile 2017 – Teatro Parrocchiale di Bovolone: Lo sport fa bene?
  • 30 maggio 2017Teratro “Fondazione Luigi Ferrari” Isola Rizza: Novità in ortopedia
  • 20-22 settembre 201813th Congress of the European Hip Society – The Hague, The Nederlands – Oral Presentation ‘ANTERIOR APPROACH LINKED TO MAKO PROCEDURE: TIPS AND TRICKS Trevisan, M.* (1); Perazzini, P. (1); Marangon, A. (1) (1) San Francesco Clinic, Verona, Italy
    Introduction/objectives: We performed from December 2016 to March 2018 116 THR combined save sparing tissue with mako Methods: We use a reproducible procedure. The net and the chech of femur are positioned in lateral side of great trochanter, the net of pelvis are positioned in iliac crest of opposite side. Anterior approach and mako in an easy a reproducible procedure to avoid mistake and to prevent mal-position of component to avoid wearing a damage of load. We noted the torthion of rasp noted by surgeons was different from the correct position. With mako we can measure the torthion of rasp linked with the good holding and the good position in the femur. Results: The tortion of rasp (we finded femur tortion from 28° to -18 °) influence the version (shel version 12°-25°) and the inclination (40°-42°)of the shell in the pelvis. In these condition we can misure the combine version between rasp of femur and shel (range 16°-32°), that give a good stability and reduce the wearing and load. With mako we can estimate the good tension of gluteus and of the tensor fascia lata calculating the vector between lengthening (range minus 2 to plus 22 mm) and offset (minus 4mm to plus 3 mm) of the hip. In this way we give a good stability of hip. Mako gives the opportunity of good position of femur and shell giving the good tension of muscle. Usually we have implanted normal head (96 % 0 head). These items combine with anterior approach preserve the muscle so there is no alteration of balance of muscle.
    Conclusion: This procedure takes a long learning curve to read the value acquired. It takes 20 minutes more the anterior approach only. It combines the tissue sparing with accuracy of Mako.
  • 26 settembre 2018‘NOVITà IN ORTOPEDIA’ Chirurgia anca, spalla, ginocchio – Teatro del centro servizi ‘Fondazione Luigi Ferrari’ via Parrocchia 228 – Isola Rizza (VR)

  • 2-3 luglio 2019 – MAKO Partial Knee & Total Knee & Total Hip applications – Verona – Clinica San Francesco